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Some people call me the "Sail Tie Guy". They also call me other things but I kinda like "Sail Tie Guy". I make a lot of sail ties and, if you're a sailor you absolutely need some sail ties.

Your mainsail can be an unruly beast at times. Securing your mainsail is as simple as having the right tool at hand when you need it.

Sail ties can make securing your mainsail a breeze. The right sail tie will work 100% of the time and be easy to use. The right sail tie needs to be easy to use when you are securing your sail and should release easily when you are ready to let it fly.

Sewn Sails makes sail ties that are easy to apply when you are securing your sail as well as being easy and simple to release. Sewn Sails sail ties, when tied properly, release with just one pull.

Sewn Sails sail ties are designed with a permanent twisted loop at one end which means the sail tie is easy to secure around your sail since the formed loop is always open to allow easy threading of the free end of the sail tie. If you would like to learn more about the history of sail ties follow this link.

Our sail ties come an assortment of lengths to accommodate the varying thickness of your sail stack. We make them in 48, 60 and 72 inch lengths. You can even order an assortment of lengths, our standard pack is (2) 48”, (2) 60” and (2) 72”. They are also available in a variety of colors to match your boats colors and/or your personal tastes.

If you need no further convincing and are ready to buy some high quality sail ties please, "Click Here", otherwise........

Sewn Sails sail ties are made of 1” wide polypropylene webbing. This webbing is waterproof, mildew and UV resistant. Our polypropylene sail ties can't lose elasticity like bungee cord style ties. Sewn Sails does not use plastic buckles or fasteners which become brittle and deteriorate after prolonged UV exposure and are subject to snagging and breakage.

Sewn Sails does not use metal hog rings which can rust and discolor your sail.

Proper use of Sewn Sails sail ties doesn't require knots.

Make securing your mainsail quick and easy with Sewn Sails sail ties.

Sewn Sails sail ties are so easy to use you'll find yourself sailing more and having more fun when you do.

Color choices for sail ties are:

* Yellow
* White
* Pacific Blue
* Jute
* Royal Blue
* Green
* Navy Blue
* Orange
* Silver
* Black
* Red

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