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When it's time to go sailing you're not going to get very far if you sails fall apart on you. Sails can be a considerable investment and you want to protect that investment with a high quality "Sail Storage Bag", sometimes called a deck bag.

Sewn Sails makes new sail storage bags from 6 oz 400 Denier coated oxford cloth nylon fabric that is strong, mold, mildew and water resistant. These bags will keep your sails looking and performing like new for a long time.

All of our "Sail Storage Bags" have heat sealed edges to prevent unraveling.  We take the time to double stitch each seam so there is no chance the stitching is going to come undone. Each bag has one long seam down the side. The top of this seam meets where the drawstring closure is positioned at the top of the bag. We take the time to add a locking stitch at the top of this seam, in the area of the drawstring openings to make certain this seam will not come apart.

Compare out sail storage bags to any other bags out there and you will see we take time and special care to put together a bag that will hold up to any abuse you heap upon it while keeping your sails safe and dry.

We make a variety of sizes and are happy to construct a bag to your own specifications if we don't have one that meets your requirements.

Visit our online store to see the Sail Storage Bags we make. If you have the time, take a look around at the other products we have to offer.

Every Sail Storage Bag comes with a sail tie to secure your sail bundle.

Big BLue Sail Storage Bag
Our Blue Bag
Double stitching on sail storage bag seam
Double Stitching
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